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Product Feature

Main Applications

Industrial Application

Require gloved operation, waterproof, chemical environment resistant, impact resistant, anti-pollution and easy cleaning, etc. Common-mode interference and long-term charged operation reliability should be taken into account if the touch screen is used in poor electrical environment.

Financial Terminal

Generally require long service life and security. Desktop financial terminal also with requirement of long-term charged use.

Outdoor Use

Generally require sunlight readable, waterproof, anti-drop.

Intelligent Home Kitchen

Require safety glass and high temperature.

Smart Home

Need to consider product integrity and require All-Black technology.

Automotive Application

Need to consider service life, optical performance (AG, AR) and anti-collision,etc.

Size available up to 32’’

Main Technologies

Anti-Glare (AG)

Improve glare phenomenon caused by mirror reflection of high light source on ordinary surface via rough surface treatment and diffuse reflection of incident light.

Anti-Reflection (AR)

Reduce the reflectivity of incident rays.

Anti-Fingerprints (AS/AF)

Increase surface energy (usually measured by water contact angle greater than 110°) and improve surface cleanliness.


Re Touch Display with air bonding, apply anti-fog technology to the inner surface of the CTP to inhibit the generation of water fog caused by temperature change.

Waterproof, Gloved Operation and Common-mode Interference design

provide appropriate solutions based on customer’s demand to realize capacitive touch operation in water vapor/water drop environment, gloved operation, and common-mode interference resistant, etc.

High Reliability Design

Overall monitoring for design, production and quality control to ensure the product reliability and life time.