Touch Panel

Touch Panel for Industrial

Common requirements for different applications of touch screens:


Industrial control touch screen: usually required to support gloves, waterproof, chemical environment resistant, impact


anti-fouling and easy to clean, etc. If the touch screen will be used in a harsh electricity enviroment, then common mode

interference and long-term operating reliability needs to be considered.

uFinancial terminal use:usually with long service life, safety and reliability requirements. The desktop financial terminal also

required with long-term using time when powered on.

uSmart home kitchen application: need to consider safety glass and high temperature resistant requirements.

uSmart home indoor home appliance application: need to consider product integrity, with all black requirements.

uAutomotive application: need to consider the service life, optical performance (AR , AG) and anti-collision,etc.

For the common requirements, we have accumulated the following relevant solutions:

u AGWe can provide glass cover with AG etching, ordinary glass cover with AG anti-splash film, AG plastic cover cover, etc. solutions.

u ARWe can prrovide glass cover with AR coating, plastic cover with AR coating, ITO glass IM (Index matching) shadow elimination,

attaching AR film, touch screen + display with full lamination,

uAS/AF: We can provide glass cove with AF coating & plastic cover with AF coating solutions.

Anti-fog:For touch screen + display with air bonding products, we can add processing layer on the inner surface of the

touch screen to restrain the fog generation, thus avoid fog generation on the inner surface of the touch screen when

the environment is humid and there is temperature change.

uDesign improvement for waterproof, glove supporting and common-mode interference: We established a driving chip selection

table, and there are experienced FAEs to provide    optimized configuration solutions.

uHigh reliability design: Ensure the poducts meet the design reliability and service life reqquirements from design, manufacturing

and monitoring, etc. all aspects through product design optimization, material selectionoptimization, specified operator and

production line production and product reliability test planning.


                    Remark:Standard Sensor available for the sizes below 15", cover lens need to be customized