Serial Control Board


Product Characteristics:

.The upper computer integrates the "DEBUG mode", and the developer can drag and drop the control to see the display effect directly on the serial screen, which can be seen as the result, which greatly reduces the debugging cycle.

.The underlying software supports buttons, text, drop-down menus, progress bars, meters, animations, qr codes, etc. common controls.

.With built-in virtual digit, character keyboard, supporting touch directly into English and Numbers;

.Support AVD’s instruction set/MODBUS instruction set/ Mitsubishi agreement and default AVD’s instruction set;

.With Built-in 64~128K data storage unit;

.Support the data record control contents exported to the USBdisk

.Support multiple languages andone key to switch thelanguage needed;

.Support multi-point capacitive touch screen and waterproof/anti-fingerprint application;

.Provide AVD VisualScreenupper computer development software;

Performance Index


Screen Resolution supported:320x240 480x320 640x480 800x480 800x600 1024x600 1280x800  

Color supported:16Bit(RGB565)/24Bit(RGB888)                                                                                                                                                                                       

LCD size:3.5”/4.3”/5.0”/7.0”/8.0”/ 10.1”/15.6”/21.5”

External interface:RS232/485/Modbus/TCPIP/WIFI/USB

Serial port rate:1200~38400Bps

Operating Temp:-20 ℃ ~+70℃  

Storing Temp:-30 ℃ ~+80℃

ESD:4KVcontact discharge/ 8KVair discharge

Life time:20000 Hours


Industrial instruments, automation, and medical equipment, etc.