PMVA (Passive Matrix Vertical Alignment) is a new Mono LCD display mode, which can achieve pure black background and extremely high contrast by changing the torsion mode of the liquid crystal molecule, thus greatly reduced the transmission rate under Off state.

The advantages of PMVA are high contrast, wide viewing angle, good temperature adaptability (contrast change is small under high and low temperatures ) and pure black background (easy to match with black or other colored casing). PMVA LCD is widely used in automotive, industrial control,instrument, smart home, home appliance, elevator and other fields.

PMVA could achieve simple color display with silk screen printing to realize a gorgeous effect. Full viewing angle is available for PMVA LCD no more than 1/8 duty. Segment PMVA LCD and graphic PMVA LCD no more than 1/64 duty have been in mass production now.

Full Viewing Angle: ~1/8 Duty

High Duty PMVA: ~1/64 Duty