Character COB LCM

Character COB LCM:

Mainly madeof LCD, metal frame, Zebra, backlight and PCBA, with LCD driver bonded on the PCB. Its name is got from displaying a few lines of characters usually. As the characters are displayed by calling the font in the LCD Driver, the display content is restricted, but the LCM’s anti-interference capability is strong because the COB IC die size is big. Most of the LCMs are standard ones, with high versatility and compatibility, whicch are widely used in industrial control, printer, POS machine and telephone, etc. fields.

LCD mode available: STN(STN-Gray, STN-Yellow Green,STN-Blue), FSTN, FFSTN, PMVA, etc.; backlight color available: white, blue, yellow-green, red, green and orange, etc.; both edge backlight and array backlight are available.