IPS is the abbreviation of In-Plane Switching, which is the upper liquid crystal panel technology in the world nowadays and has been widely used in Display Panel such as LCD Display and Mobile Phone Screen,etc.

IPS Advantages:

Wide Visual Angle: IPS screen panel can realize 178°view angle.The degree of color change generated by front viewing and different viewing angles becomes color distortion rate, which is almost invisible to the naked eye. This means the display effect is the same no matter viewing from front face or side face.

True clolor: This is also the full display for IPS screen color pillow features. Because of the color inversion and brightness conversion,etc.properties of IPS screen, you can see the high quality picture with bright color and saturated nature no matter appreciating from which viewing angle.

Excellent dynamic quality: IPS screen can display dynamic hd images, especially suitable for the reproduction of sports images, without shadow andtail, which is a good carrier for watching digital hd video and fast moving pictures, such as competition and game box action movies, etc.

Energy conservation and environmental protection: IPS screen technology also has a major breakthrough in the end of nuclear power. The screen power consumption is further decreased and becomes more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. And because the liquid crystal molecules are more reasonably arranged, which reduced the thickness of liquid crystal layer, thus changed the LCD light transmittance, enhanced the display effect, and also make the display panel thinner and more power-saving.

Accurate Color Value : IPS screen technology is favored by professionals to meet the more stringent color requirements of the professionals from design, printing and aerospace fields.