Company Culture

Operation Targets 

  • To offer high-quality display and touch products and service

  • To be a team with great performance and strong social responsibility

  • To be a partner recognized and trusted by our customers 

  • To be an organization approved by our employees.

Our Vision

  • Leader in Display Technology

  • Professional Touch Module Manufacturer

  • Growing up at high speed each year

Spirits of Enterprise

  • Integrity, Enterprising, Innovation, Teamwork

  • Integrity: Do everything with integrity is the working style we pursued, we encourage our people to work and live happily with integrity and pragmatic attitude.

  • Innovation: We should love our work, be meticulous in our work and keep improving and innovating, we should dare to challenge the old and keep moving towards higher and better goals.

  • Enterprising: Enterprise is a kind of spirit. It’s the effort under the modern management; it also means to try our best to overcome the obstacles and to achieve our goals. 

  • Teamwork: Company is also a team. It is the basic code of conduct for the employees in the team to obey the leaders and to unite and care for the colleagues.