AVD Profile

Shenzhen AV-Display Co., Ltd (AVD) was established in 1996, specializing in designing, manufacturing and marketing small-to-medium sized monochrome LCD panels / modules, TFT Modules and Capacitive Touch Panels for many companies across the world. The factories are located in Shenzhen, Dong Guan,Ganzhou with a workface of about 3,000 employees and are capable of carrying out large scale systematic production that generates an annual sales nearly 200 Million US Dollars. AVD has a well-established rigorous quality management system accredited with ISO9001, ISO14001 and IATF16949. AVD is firmly committed to its environmental responsibilities. 

    As an experienced LCD manufacturer, AVD provides not only monochrome LCD modules with COB and COG technologies, but also Color TFT modules and whole display solution for an extremely wide range of applications such as industrial control, home appliance, instrumentation, energy meter, home energy management system, medical device and equipment, automotive, etc. Our technical capability and production capacity of building high end LCD and our incessant pursuance to vertical integration has largely enhanced our competitiveness on the market. 

    Founded in August 2009, our touch panel division is equipped with four 2.5G Exposure & Etching production lines for Glass-sensor and one Production line for Film-sensor. In order to enhance our competitiveness on the market, AVD has expanded its production space for TFT module assembly, Cover-Glass CNC, Cover-Glass printing, G+G lamination, GFF lamination and full lamination workshop respectively. 

    AVD has strong R&D team and has been investing in its research and development activities and been granted a number of patents for practical and novel innovations and inventions. 

    Quality is regarded by AVD as its lifeline and is assured by a long established tight QA system at various stages from product design, material and component selection and inspection production to the shipment of finished product. 

    Our key staff has extensive experiences in manufacture, process, quality and supply chain management while our customer service specialists are dedicated to providing our customers with fast supports and services with the help of our well established distributor and sales office networks across the world.

Shenzhen Factory

Floor Space: 

30000m2, Monochrome LCD Panel / Module, TFT Module, 

Capacitive Touch Panel and Backlight production line,

Dongguan factory

Production Floor Space: 3500m2, 

with 1 TN LCD panel production line,

Ganzhou Factory 

1st Phase: Production line: 20,000m2, 

with 1 up-to-date LCD panel production line, 

focus on STN and COG products